1. Shucks–Brad never got hit by a runaway tow truck.Maybe in the next round robin now that Jeff has us hooked on how much fun the project can be.Good job at tying DD down with a satisfying conclusion.

  2. Thanks to everyone who participated, commented or just followed along. It was entertaining, educational and just great fun. Looking forward to doing it again later this year. (I think the story turned out excellent and intriguing too. We are blessed with some truly talented, creative and thoughtful writers in the GFWW.)

  3. No, Kim this ending was based on what happened. I had a pre-thought out ending, but Chrissy's last post was so dramatic (the proposal and dude showdown) that I just thought the ending didn't need more drama. So I just wrapped it up as simply and cleanly as I could, with a little melancholy and ambiguity. 🙂 Fun stuff.

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