1. […] I am a member of a local writers group, Greater Fort Worth Writers. For fun, a bunch of us have collaborated on a short story. We did this in round-robin fashion, one person started the story then passed it on to the next writer to continue, and so on. We each hit somewhere in the neighborhood of a thousand words. The only constraints, really, were the genre, sci-fi dystopic, and a suggestion that we each try to work with the continuity of the story that was written by those preceding us. Well, give a dozen writers a pen (or keyboard) and set them loose… guess what, makes for a strange story. It’s been fun. I just wrote my contribution. I was number nine in line. I believe (as I write this post) there are two or three to follow me, as we wrap this experiment up. To start from the beginning, go here. If you want to read my contribution right away (throwing context to the wind), here it is below and also here on our GFWW site. […]

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