Meetings are typically for critiques, where writers bring samples of their writing for advice from the other members. Remaining time will be utilized for ideas or brainstorm sessions that can be brought before the group for feedback. We encourage you to show up and give us a try; while dues-paying members are given priority, we welcome visitors as well and will offer input as time allows.

What to bring with you:

  1. Yourself and any manuscript you want feedback on.
  2. Limit your manuscript read to 8 double spaced typed pages. You will be given a maximum of 8 minutes to read. This will be followed by 2 minute critiques from each member.
  3. There will be no interruptions during a persons’ critique. If there are any questions, they can be asked after the critique.
  4. Dues-paying members of GFWW are given first priority for oral readings and critiques. If non-members want to read, they will be given one opportunity for a free critique before dues are required.
  5. If everyone has had a chance to read and there is time remaining, you may read additional pages if your critique partners want to stay to do another critique.
  6. Please bring 5 to 6 copies of your pages. Critique partners make notes on the copies as you read. The copies will be returned to you after the critique.
  7. Please be courteous to all attendees during critiques and refrain from using harsh language or mean-spirited comments during feedback. GFW Writers is a safe haven for writers and their work; we aim only to be constructive.
  8. Grin and bear it during oral critiques unless a critique partner asks you a specific question. If you desire a more in-depth critique, please join the online group. We want to help you improve.